Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In accordance with TS ISO 45001: 2018 standard, we will renew our OHS policy with respect to the conditions and developments of the day and follow the following chain of practices for continuous development.

  • We see human beings as our most important value,
  • We undertake to act in accordance with applicable OHS-related legal and other requirements of the country where we operate,
  • We consider creating a healthy and safe working environment as the basic principle,
  • We develop methods, objectives and management programs to create a sustainable OHS management system and continuously improve its performance,
  • To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases; Identify, assess and mitigate OHS risks;
  • We work to create a safe working and living culture in our employees and suppliers and to create awareness,
  • With our OHS practices, we work with all our strength to become an exemplary organization.

In this direction, we are committed to continue our work in order to ensure a healthy work environment and we will continue to work.

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